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Popular Christmas Lights

The top Christmas displays in the world based on ratings submitted by our registered users.
5100 Oak Forest Drive
Chesterfield, VA, US 23832
(252 Rating)

5100 Oak Forest Drive

Lights: 28000
Inflatables: 9
Animated: 8
1st Year: 2005

Added by Renee from Chesterfield, VA

7703 Strath Road
Richmond, VA, US 23231
(86 Rating)

7703 Strath Road

Lights: 50000
Inflatables: 220
Animated: 50
1st Year: 1995

Added by Debbie from Richmond, VA

9716 Wendhurst Drive
Glen Allen, VA, US 23060
(6969 Rating)

Christmas On Wendhurst

Lights: 170721
Inflatables: 0
Animated: 0
1st Year: 2003

Added by Al from Glen Allen, VA

2671 Portugee Road
Sandston, VA, US 23150
(111 Rating)

Corner Of Lights

Lights: 70000
Inflatables: 0
Animated: 70000
1st Year: 2004

Added by James from Sandston, VA

3901 Lintz Lane
Midlothian, VA, US 23112
(303 Rating)

North Pole @ 3901 Lintz Lane

Lights: 60000
Inflatables: 10
Animated: 12
1st Year: 2001

Added by Randy

1736 Beryl Dr
Pittsburgh, PA, US 15227
(70 Rating)

Steel City Christmas

Lights: 260000
Inflatables: 10
Animated: 128
1st Year: 2003
Charity:Children's Hospital

Added by Robert from Pittsburgh, PA

3471 50th Ave N
Saint Petersburg, FL, US 33714
(31 Rating)

Starrlight Spectacular

Lights: 40000
Inflatables: 4
Animated: 0
1st Year: 2003
Charity:Petpal Rescue

Added by Gary from Saint Petersburg, FL

4730 Bryn Ridge Ct
Cumming, GA, US 30028
(34 Rating)

Christmas In Cumming Georgia

Lights: 250000
Inflatables: 0
Animated: 460
1st Year: 1988
Charity:Forsyth County Family Haven

Added by Larry from Cumming, GA

213 North American
Vandalia, OH, US 45377
(45 Rating)

Reavers Holiday Lights

Lights: 70000
Inflatables: 3
Animated: 10
1st Year: 2000

Added by Brandon from Vandalia, OH

8009 Summerbrooke Ct
Richmond, VA, US 23235
(104 Rating)

8009 Summerbrooke Ct

Lights: 750000
Inflatables: 5
Animated: 200
1st Year: 2005

Added by Leah from Richmond, VA

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About Tacky Light Tours

A Tacky Light Tour is a trip made with family and friends from one home or business insanely decorated for Christmas to another usually made in a passenger car, but sometimes taken in limousines, vans and tour buses. Traditionally, displays with more than 10,000 Christmas lights qualify to be included among the very best Christmas displays found on the Tacky Light Tour.

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Find your favorite Christmas displays using our search features and interactive maps. You will want to check out pictures, videos, dates and details to determine which displays meet your criteria for an awesome display! As a registered user you will be provided the option of selecting your favorite displays which are saved within our system and used to generate custom driving directions for your tour.

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