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I Heart Lights - Tacky Light Tour (Ball Jersey)
You might be tacky if most of the 'lights' in your yard are really just bug zappers.
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Any time is a good time to see our Christmas decorations. We've designed our display to be attractive during the DAY as well as at night. In fact, some of our decorations, especially the large ornaments hung from the trees in the yard are only fully appreciated during the day. In addition, we activate our 22 inflatables (three new ones this year) in the morning for the drive to work (7:00-9:00), at lunch (11:30-1:30) and late afternoon before sunset (4-6).

But of course the granddaddy of the display is our synchronized musical light show which starts on the hour and half hour (starting at 6:00 PM and ending at 12 midnight) and runs between 10-20 minutes (more songs are added each week). The music is played on outdoor speakers (if you wish to park your car and walk around the display - but please don't block any driveways of area residents) or you may tune your radio to 97.7 FM to hear the music from the comfort of your car. The outdoor speakers turn off at 10 PM but the light show continues until 12 midnight (and may be heard on your car radio).

The show begins on the first Sunday of Advent (usually at sundown on Saturday after Thanksgiving) and ends on the Epiphany or All Kings Day (twelve days after Christmas Day).

So what does our show entail? Well each year we add a little something new and the display continues to grow. For Advent/Christmas 2012 we will have in excess of over 65,000 lights, synchronized to Christmas songs (with at least two new songs scheduled for this year). We have snow machines, 22 inflatables, a small train ride for young children, a mega tree, numerous "blow molds" (those plastic figurines), a crèche or manger scene, a "tree forest" and much more. You simply have to see (and hear) it.
2300 North 57 Avenue, Hollywood, FL
Decorated by Peter from Hollywood, FL
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