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A Whole Lot Of Christmas

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A Whole Lot Of Christmas
We have been decorating our home for several years and do it all ourselves with the help of family,friends and neighbors. We are fortunate to live on a corner lot so needless to say we have a "WHOLE LOT OF CHRISTMAS" We have different sections including Christmas tree forest,snowflake lane,gingerbread land, snowman village, the North Pole Cafe,the Disney section,a real stop sign with lights,toyland, a nativity scene,an antique firetruck and even Santa on the roof with his reindeer. 100% of the money we collect goes directly to Children's Healthcare of Atlanta.We really love the display and add more each year, Thanks for visiting.
1833 Smokerise Summit, Stone Mountain, GA
Decorated by Victor from Stone Mountain, GA
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  • Santas sleigh: santas sleigh
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  • christmas 08 outdoors 070.jpg:
  • christmas 08 outdoors 068.jpg:
  • christmas 08 outdoors 068.jpg:
  • christmas 08 outdoors 065.jpg:
  • christmas 08 outdoors 064.jpg:
  • christmas 08 outdoors 062.jpg:
  • christmas 08 outdoors 061.jpg:
  • christmas 08 outdoors 060.jpg:
  • christmas 08 outdoors 059.jpg:
  • christmas 08 outdoors 057.jpg:
  • christmas 08 outdoors 055.jpg:
  • christmas 08 outdoors 054.jpg:
  • christmas 08 outdoors 051.jpg:
  • christmas 08 outdoors 048.jpg:
  • christmas 08 outdoors 047.jpg:
  • christmas 08 outdoors 043.jpg:
  • christmas 08 outdoors 042.jpg:
  • christmas 08 outdoors 036.jpg:
  • christmas 08 outdoors 035.jpg:
  • christmas 08 outdoors 034.jpg:
  • christmas 08 outdoors 033.jpg:
  • christmas 08 outdoors 032.jpg:
  • christmas 08 outdoors 031.jpg:
  • christmas 08 outdoors 030.jpg:
  • christmas 08 outdoors 024.jpg:
  • christmas 08 outdoors 028.jpg:
  • christmas 08 outdoors 027.jpg:
  • christmas 08 outdoors 026.jpg:
  • christmas 08 outdoors 022.jpg:
  • christmas 08 outdoors 021.jpg:
  • christmas 08 outdoors 020.jpg:
  • christmas 08 outdoors 021.jpg:
  • christma lights 046.jpg:
  • Horses Pulling Carriage:
  • Toy Soldiers Guarding The Display:
  • Christmas Tree Forest:
  • Snowflake Lane:
  • Snowmen:
  • Carolers:
  • Elf Shooting Presents:
  • Toy Train:
  • Gingerbread Slide:
  • Snowman Village:
  • Snowglobe:
  • Santa And Reindeer On The Roof:
  • God Bless America:
  • Gingerbread Trampoline:
  • Gingerbread See-eaw:
  • Peanuts:
  • 1936 Chevrolet Firetruck:
  • christma lights 019.jpg:
  • 1936 Chevrolet Firetruck:
  • christma lights 013.jpg:
  • christma lights 011.jpg:
  • Even The Stop Sign Is Covered In Lights:
  • christma lights 003.jpg:
  • Openning Night Thanksgiving 2007:
  • Winning The Cbs 46 Holiday House Award:
  • cimg1267_267_054.jpg:
  • Our Winter Wonderland:

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Great light show!
Reviewed on December 04, 2009 at 11:23AM
oh by gosh by golly, ever since mother died we haven't been very cheery. Thanks to WHOLE LOT OF CHRISTMAS we are feeling much better.
Miss Lady Flex
Reviewed on December 19, 2009 at 8:57PM
Jennifer from Norcross, GA
Reviewed on December 28, 2012 at 9:46PM

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