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You might be tacky if there is more people in front of your house looking at your Christmas Light display then the whole town.

The Lights on East Maine Road

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The Lights on East Maine Road
We usually have ~75,000 animated lights for Christmas but that's really only an estimate. We change the lighting on items every few years so it's just our best guess! :o)

Be sure to tune to 94.9FM to see why the lights are all blinky-flashy! It'll make sense then. The hours are 7pm to 9:30pm during the week and 6pm to 10pm on the weekends... but sometimes we're running a bit early and sometimes we're running a bit late. :o)

We have ~20 inflatables that we normally put up the week before Christmas.

Be sure to pull into the driveway to fully enjoy the lights. If cars start to block the road, the lights will have to be turned off. Sorry, but some people think it's OK to park in the middle of the road with their lights off... on East Maine Rd... DUH!

Also keep an eye on the website or Facebook to make sure the lights will be on. Moderate to heavy rain or snow cancels the show as well as family activities. We do not run the lights when we are not home! I'm usually really good at posting notices on the website and Facebooks at least couple hours before the start of the lights. And hey, our email address is on the website so feel free to email to check(or comment or complain or whatever!).
1245 East Maine Rd, Johnson City, NY
Decorated by Jeff from Johnson City, NY
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  • The North Pole: Plenty of snow in 2012 and the return of our 12' snowman!
  • The 2010 Lights.: Taken during the first snowfall of the lighting season.
  • Front Yard Full: Here is another picture of the first day of snow after the display went live.
  • Merry Christmas: Here is another picture of the first day of snow after the display went live.
  • First Snow Of 2009: Here is another picture of the first day of snow after the display went live.
  • First Snow Of 2009: Here is a picture of the first day of snow after the display went live.

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