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This is not only officially the Largest Residential Light Display In The US with more than seven million lights as of 2008, it is known as the most unique light show found anywhere setting itself as an international legend through numerous media publications including TLC, HGTV & Kanal 5 Sweden. I was most recently featured on Conan O'Brien in 2010. What happens when you combine Santa Claus & Robots? Though Robolights is not a celebration of christmas, it is a whimsical futuristic winter wonderland set in the North pole. Built by artist Kenny Hassan Irwin & funded for 22 years by the late Georgia Frontier, my aunt who was the owner of the St Louis Rams and patron of the arts helped make this finacally possible. Started in 1987 at age 13, I wanted to create a physical wonderland of lights combined with fantasy of imaginary other worldly north pole themes run by robots. The display features a life time's worth of monumental and variety complex art that spans thirty years from the time I was very little.

You can find us under ROBOLIGHTS on Facebook.

ROBOLIGHTS is re-opening from Thanksgiving to New Years in 2012 after three years in submission and will be open annually from now on.

Please donate to the show by paypal or in person when visiting the display. Donations go to creating artwork, maintenance and power.
It takes the equal output of 6,400 amps rigged from a beefy professionally rigged power system. Nearly 700,000 kilowatts of power [almost one megawatt output] to power the display. Nearly equal to powering a ten block area of homes or 32 homes.

The display features weeks of non stop tours daily and a toy drive collection. These toys will be distrubuted to California area masjids for needy kids at the time of both eids.

1077 Granvia Valmonte, Palm Springs, CA
Decorated by Kenny from Palm Springs, CA
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  • Tunnel Of Robots: You are surrounded on both sides for over a hundred feet
  • 50' Above The City Of Robots: There is a lot to see down there
  • Robochristmas Front Page News: Read all about it!
  • Robochristmas Laboratory: This where I invent my latest creations
  • Christmas Robot Village: A lovely Nothpole village filled with joyful bright robots
  • Merry Mutant Microwave Toad: Watch it go around and around to the chimes of jingle bells
  • Christmas Mummabot: Even acient Egyptian robots celebrated Christmas
  • Yule Log Tv Live: The coolest fireplace you will ever feel
  • Robochristmas Many Balloons: ROBOCHRISTMAS can go through 20,000 balloons in 6 weeks
  • Cyclops Snowman: A One of a kind
  • One Ton Robodeer: Built of engines and air conditioners by hand
  • Robochristmas 2008: Centurian Bigbot Alpha: Let the shiny Robot steam cannons add christmas cheer
  • Grinch's Cave: Front entrance
  • It Isn't Christmas With A Giant 68' Tall Toy Robot: Complete with rocket ship & city of robots
  • From Above The Chiristmas Robot Village: The tree alone is 20' tall
  • 50' Winter Wizard: Making your Christmas wishes come true
  • Santa's Jet Sleigh: Each one of the nine robodeer weighs average of 300lbs
  • 43' Tall Santa Tower: The front of the Christmas Robot Village Section
  • 27' Tall Dinobot With Robodeers: Made entirely of vacuum cleaners
  • 50' Giant Santa: On the roof above Giant Carousels
  • 12,000 Sqft Light Dome: The largest of it's kind over an entire front yard
  • 40' King Kong Holds Santa's Sleigh Over Head: Designed by Kenny Irwin
  • Robochristmas 2008: 50' Candy Cane Godzilla: Designed by Kenny Irwin
  • Robochristmas 2008: The Front Portion & 12,000sqft light dome

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