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You might be tacky if you use stuffed coyotes as reindeer and Santa has a lasso and spurs.

Texas Christmas Lights

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Rhodes Family Christmas View Zoom
Project "x"-mas View Zoom
Lovingham Lights View Zoom
James Clan Christmas View Zoom
Lake Country Christmas View Zoom
1527 W Spring Creek Pkwy View Zoom
Prosper Christmas View Zoom
4321 Firebrook Drive View Zoom
1908 Deerfield Drive View Zoom
2008 Highland Ave. View Zoom
Spindler's Family light show View Zoom
4665 Quincy Lane View Zoom
2401 Saddle Blanket Place View Zoom
311 Fall Cedar Dr. View Zoom
Christmas Wonderland in Huntsville TX View Zoom
109 Spring Meadow View Zoom
1329 Anna Court View Zoom
The Turner's Northern lights View Zoom
2809 Granite Ave. View Zoom
Georgetownholidays View Zoom
107 Shady Oak Drive View Zoom
2212 Aaron Ross Way View Zoom
N Pickford St View Zoom
4908 Westcreek View Zoom
Thames Christmas Extravaganza View Zoom
1406 Oak Hill Place View Zoom
1116 Majors Circle View Zoom
5409 Tee Head Drive View Zoom
WinterLightShow View Zoom
1626 Belvedere Place View Zoom
0000 No Street View Zoom
7924 Skylake Drive View Zoom
328 Comanche Trail View Zoom
204 Nandina Ct View Zoom
204 Nandina Court View Zoom
9002 Currywood Drive View Zoom
Jones Christmas Lights View Zoom
7205 stonybrooke View Zoom
5169 Marsh Lane View Zoom
1623 Pecan Creek Ln View Zoom
3001 Mill Creek Way View Zoom
1201 Marlborough dr. View Zoom
3724 Vitruvian Way View Zoom
Elfvis & the Kringles View Zoom
2403 saddle blanket pl View Zoom
19211 Darby Ridge Ct View Zoom
3416 Napa Valley Bend View Zoom
2441 Candle Ridge Trail View Zoom
Chiappetta Family Christmas View Zoom
An Oak Point Christmas View Zoom
3249 Sayles Blvd View Zoom

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26-11 York Street

26-11 York Street View

2020 NE Knollbrook St

2020 NE Knollbrook St View

About Tacky Light Tours

A Tacky Light Tour is a trip made with family and friends from one home or business insanely decorated for Christmas to another usually made in a passenger car, but sometimes taken in limousines, vans and tour buses. Traditionally, displays with more than 10,000 Christmas lights qualify to be included among the very best Christmas displays found on the Tacky Light Tour.

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Plan Your Tour

Find your favorite Christmas displays using our search features and interactive maps. You will want to check out pictures, videos, dates and details to determine which displays meet your criteria for an awesome display! As a registered user you will be provided the option of selecting your favorite displays which are saved within our system and used to generate custom driving directions for your tour.

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