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You might be tacky if most of the 'lights' in your yard are really just bug zappers.

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Don Crews
Don Crews
Posts: 1
12/4/2011 2:47:45 AM
I just watched the show on TLC and i was amazed! So many great displays, and MR. Christmas is so awesome.

One part of the show really got me. It was about the man who lost his father, and his mother loves Christmas so much, and that he go's all out every year for his mom on the Christmas display.

It was a hard to watch part in the show for me. Mom had lost her mother in December 2000. I had lost my father in 2001, and my youngest brother in 2002. My mother just like in the show loved Christmas, as it was the one holiday she loved so much.

I would decorate more and more every year and bring my mom over to my place to put a smile on her face, and to give back to her for all she and my father gave to me when i was younger.

In 2005 i started to switch over to LED lights and she loved how bright the colors are. Sadly she past away in 2006, but every year i add'ed more and more LED's.
I loved to set things up every year as a tribute to my mom, and everyone who loves Christmas time.

I became disabled in 2010 and now live on that wonderful social security monthly payment. All my Christmas stuff is in storage and for the last 2 years, i have not been able to afford to get my Christmas stuff out of storage and so no display last year or this year. I feel so bad, having a 16 year old son and not being able to decorate the house for him or in honor of my mother.

As I'm sharing this story with everyone, I'm not even certain why I'm sharing this.
Maybe it's part of the healing, or maybe it was the part of the show about the son decorating for his mom and how much it meant to him to see her smile.

For everyone who takes the time to decorate every year, i say thank you and keep up the great work! Many people who cannot, love to see the display's every year. And all the hard work that you put in doe's not go unnoticed or appreciated!

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