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Why I Recommend Christmas Lights Etc.

Christmas light products
Matt Burgess
Matt Burgess
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12/14/2011 1:08:38 PM
This Christmas I had a great experience getting lights from Christmas Lights Etc, and I would like to share a bit about my experience.

In the midst of the busy season for Christmas lighting retailers, I was promptly greeted by a smiling employee within seconds of entering the Christmas Lights Etc headquarters in Alpharetta, Georgia. Even though I knew I was a distraction from the calls and e-mails pouring in to their support staff, they welcomed me into their showroom loaded up with shelving displays of an assortment of Chrismas light strands and a room full of realistic artificial trees from 6-14 feet tall.

The staff at Christmas Lights Etc was so nice and knowledgeable. I must have asked questions about every item I saw, and their answers revealed their intimimate familiarity with each. They even showed me a couple products I had never seen.

LED Snowfall Christmas Light Tubes

Set across their wall of lights were 12" LED light tubes. Inside each the durable tube contained a sequence of cascading led lights. Since I had never seen something like this I couldn't imagine where to use it. They recommended in trees and a light went on. I could easily imagine a large bare or evergreen tree decorated with dripping light. They have them in common colors like white, blue, red and green. Plus, they range from 12" up to 36"! Can you imagine a 36" tube of LED lights?!?

Wide-Angle 5mm Mini Christmas Light Strands

Another new product I found and now love are strands of wide-angle Christmas lights. Your reaction may be like mine: what the heck is a wide-angle Christmas light? Well, it is not a rectangle version of a standard Christmas light like you might expect when comparing new and old television sets. As was explained to me by a Christmas Lights Etc. representative, wide-angle lights have a particular bulb shape that magnifies the light emitted by the same LED found in other bulb shapes. They weren't kidding! I installed several sets of warm white wide-angle lights along with warm white C9 lights, and WOW! The wide-angle lights are noticeably brighter and have a profound pop of light. I highly recommend this new technology!

My entire experience with Christmas Lights Etc. was fantastic! The light I got from them were to replace LED lights from a big box store that rhymes with "gnome repo". Here are some of the differences I noticed between Christmas Lights Etc. and the big box store:
1) Quality: Christmas Lights Etc. lights were solidly assembled, wound tight and consistently colored when the big box store lights weren't.
2) Experts: Christmas Lights Etc. reps answered all my questions and make excellent recommendations when the big box store could not, and they offer ongoing support to existing customers.
3) Fast: Christmas Lights Etc. packaged and delivered my order very fast when checkout at big box stores is oftentimes an obstacle.
4) Technologically Advanced: Christmas Lights Etc. had dozens of products I've never seen at big box stores.
edited by Matt Burgess on 12/14/2011

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