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Easy Trunk-to-Tip, Bottom-to-Top in Record Time

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Matt Burgess
Matt Burgess
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12/22/2011 6:01:44 AM
In the past I've almost passed out with dizziness in going around and around my Christmas tree with strings of lights. What should be an enjoyable part of the Christmas tradition is almost unbearable just a few minutes into the process of wrapping a tree with lights making sure each limb is covered inside to out, then the worst happens...your strand runs our in the middle of the tree leaving an unequal number of lights in a certain area. Argh! If only there was a better way to do this!

Well, after almost 100 years of the same ol' Christmas light strands, now there is a new way! The revolutionary system from Trim It Quick.

I received a Christmas tree kit from Trim It Quick which included everything I needed to quickly and consistently cover my tree with quality warm white LED Christmas lights. The package includes extension cords and reusable bags of their patented Christmas light strands. Each bag is labeled with small, medium or large, so there is no guessing. Each strand has several arms of lights going out from a coat hanger type hook attachment. This design hardly tangles, so pulling them out of bags they were ready to hang with none of the typical entanglements or stretching. You simply reach into the tree to hang the hook on the trunk, then pull the arms out along the branches of the tree. Start with the largest bags of lights at the bottom and work your way up until the entire tree is covered trunk-to-tip, bottom-to-top.

We all know how putting up decorations is at least tolerable. Trim It Quick helps make it enjoyable. Taking down decorations is inspiration for procrastination, but it is so fast and easy with Trim It Quick! After the lights are off the tree you have the option of using Trim It Quick's packaging for storage, or you may find an empty closet where the Trim-It-Quick light strands will easily hang on their own.

Check out these videos to see it in action!

edited by Matt Burgess on 12/22/2011
edited by Matt Burgess on 12/22/2011
edited by Matt Burgess on 12/22/2011

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