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FM Transmitter

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Erin Spindler
Erin Spindler
Posts: 79
7/31/2011 5:32:55 AM
I bought the whole house Fm transmitter. I plug it in my lab top and it seems to be not strong enough. I could go into my car in the driveway i could barley hear it. Am i doing something wrong?
Kent Vosburg
Kent Vosburg
Posts: 152
8/5/2011 10:08:38 PM
Well, I was hoping someone with a WHT would jump in. I don't have one, nor have I ever used one. Nothing against them, just didn't pop up.
Some things to consider about using any transmitter.

A-connections. Clean and check all the connections
B-Antennae. check the connection, and adjustment dials if present. Keep the antennae away form power cables
C-signal drift. are you really broadcasting on the channel you think. Some transmitters will change the frequency themselves up/down.
D-input/output settings
E- Power. Just because something can be powered by a USB cable does not mean it should. Consider an AC adapter
F-Position Where is it located in relation to other items. If it is behind your computer and sitting on an extension cord you could have a problem. Move it as far away from anything electrical as possible, including the electrical cables in the walls. Place it on a foam type pad if you can.
G- consider making a J Pole antennae.

check, tweak, recheck, tweak, pull some hair out, retweak, have your wife remind you this is fun, retweak, bask in your brilliance when it does work, and you are jamming to Christmas music in August in the street.
edited by Kent Vosburg on 8/5/2011
Erin Spindler
Erin Spindler
Posts: 79
8/10/2011 9:34:25 AM
I found out the problem. You have to take the battery out and there is a hidden switch. Had to click the switch down now i have more power. I drove my car around the corner and was able to here the music clear. I feel better now
Kent Vosburg
Kent Vosburg
Posts: 152
8/11/2011 8:23:59 AM
congrats on getting it to work right.
Erin Spindler
Erin Spindler
Posts: 79
8/11/2011 5:55:55 PM
Kent Vosburg wrote:
congrats on getting it to work right.

Thank You!!

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