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Best practices in setting up a Christmas display
Kent Vosburg
Kent Vosburg
Posts: 152
8/23/2011 9:49:14 PM
Some of you may find you are QUICKLY running out of channels of control. I know I sure have.
Do you run a mini tree or mega tree with more than one color? Don't have the money to buy a whole new controller just to add another color.

DYC-LOR maybe the ticket for you. Double Your Channels - Light O Rama.
I first read about this a few years ago on Planet Christmas... I knew right from the start it was for me, and I have used it ever since.
The idea is that you have 1 box for your controller, and another box for a set of Solid State Relay's(SSRs).
This is how it works... I have a 16 channel controller. but I have 15 2 color mini tree's.
Channel 1 is the selector, off it uses the group A channels, while ON it uses the B channels.
Channels 2-16 are the actual controls of the lights.

so if I leave channel 1 off, and run power to 2-15 I light up Red lights.
however is I turn channel 1 on, and power to 2-15 I light up Green lights.
Quick and easy alternative to buying another controller.

What you need is
  • enclosure box.................................................................................$20........1...............$20.00
  • Omron Relay PLG-N 4PDT 110-120AC..........Part #653-MY4-AC1..........$5.26....4 each........$21.04
  • Magnecraft 14 PIN SCREW TERMINAL..........Part #528-461 ................$3.63....4 each.........$14.52
  • some SPT wire, and 16 male plugs, and 30 female plugs, 1 foot of scrap wire
After that you will mount the terminals to the enclosure box,
Insert the relays into the terminals body (they will only go in one way)
cut 16 sections of SPT. Put male plugs on them. These will connect to your controller.
cut 30 sections of SPT. Put female plugs on them. These will connect to your actual lights.
How long to make the SPT is your choice. The first time I was short on wire, and long on ideas. I made them 18" long, which worked, but was very tight. Make them as long as your need to reach your controller. Obviously plan on mounting them close to your controller.
You will then use a piece of wire to connect your hot and neutral terminals together. (see pic)
You will connect one side of your male SPT to the terminal, and the other side will connect to the female SPT
The A group of female SPT will connect to the top section of the terminals
The B group of female SPT will connect to the bottom section of the terminals.
Parts ready

enclosure, and terminals mounted

First wires

Hot, neutral wires, and supply lines in place.
making the connections


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