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You might be tacky if you raise sheep all year long just to use them in your Christmas nativity display!

1437 sw 24th lane

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Last updated on Saturday, January 01, 2011

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1437 sw 24th lane
John and Danielle Copeland do it because it's a family tradition.
It all started with John's grandparents in the 70's. They started decorating their home in Riviera Beach. In the early 80's the tradition was picked up by John's parents. John's Dad was just slightly obsessive...
We decorate every available square inch of the place... outside and inside. Outside is Santa's workshop that we set up in a portable trailer next to the garage. The garage is fully decorated and includes a lighted backdrop, along with moving trains, Christmas trees, and motionettes.
John's Mom allowed everyone who visited to tour the inside of their house, and she made cookies and punch for the kids. John's Dad handed out candy canes and answered questions. A guest book was displayed outside the garage, and it was signed by people from far and near. They sat outside and greeted people every night from December 1st until Christmas night. As you can imagine, they became a bit of a local attraction and became a yearly tradition for many viewers. They continued this annually until 1990.
In 1991, the Copeland family tradition moved to John's house. John's son, Spencer, handed out the candy canes and every year Santa came to visit on the fire truck. The display lasted there for several years until.....
Around 1995, Jim started decorating hisPalm Beach Gardens home. Jim and Cathy's yard encompassed almost two acres and was decorated with many thousands of items (even some items that first started with Grandma and Grandpa).
In 2006, John took over the family tradition again. John and Danielle still use Grandma's original pieces from the 40's, the old hand painted trains and carolers, the huge ferris wheel Jim built, and huge village collection.
In 2007, the display went digital. LEDs, fiber optics, and computer animation were added.

1437 Sw 24th Lane, Palm City, FL
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  • Copeland Christmas: The entire house is decorated inside and out, top to bottom!

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