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Dietz Family Christmas

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Dietz Family Christmas
The Dietz family warmly invites you to come by our house in the Highgrove subdivision, to enjoy the sights and sounds of Christmas.

Although the HOA has been forced to ban me from synchronizing lights to music, with over 40,000 lights drawing 120+ amps and connected to over half-a-mile of extension cords, you are still sure to enjoy this year's display.

The display will be on nightly from 6-9 on school nights and 6-10 on non-school nights, from Dec. 6 - 27th.

As you drive-by, you can listen to our favorite Christmas tunes in the comfort and warmth of your own car by tuning your FM stereo to 99.1.

As a courtesy to our neighbor, please stay off their yard, do not throw trash on their yard, do not get out of your car, and do not linger.

Merry Christmas!

205 Cottonmill Ct, Fayetteville/Peachtreecty, GA
Decorated by Robert from Fayetteville/Peachtreecty, GA
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may not be the most lights in town, but well done anyway.
Reviewed on November 10, 2013 at 4:02PM
One of the best shows in the PTC area. Not the most lights but by far the most tasteful and synchronization was perfect. Loved the bit from Charlie Brown Christmas where Linus gives the message of Christmas from the Bible. Should have been followed by the song "Hark the Herald Angels Sing" though but that's a minor flaw in an otherwise amazing show. Thank you so much Dietz Family...you made my Christmas this year!
Reviewed on December 25, 2013 at 4:58AM

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