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I Heart Lights - Tacky Light Tour (Ball Jersey)
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520 Plantation Drive

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520 Plantation Drive
Celebrating their 14th season in the Chamberlayne area, Plantation Drive comes to LIGHT on Saturday, November 29th, and will thrill believers in Santa Claus weekday evenings from 5pm until 10pm (later on weekends). Join the Johnson's this Christmas and share in the magic of what makes it the most wonderful time of year for their family.
The Nativity reminds the Johnson's why we celebrate Christmas, and a touching "Tribute to our Fallen Hero's" celebrates the reason we're able to celebrate the season with friends and family. Saying a prayer for those who have battled cancer, the Memorial Angel remembers those who will share a place at the Christmas dinner table in spirit. Never forgetting the joy those angels brought into our lives, Grandma J's Porch remembers the importance of family during the holidays.
Kindling the magic of waking the morning after Santa visits us, Santa's Workshop and Santa's Lane brings memorable childhood characters to light to display no one is ever too old to believe.

Just off I95 & Parham in the Chamberlayne Farms Neighborhood, Located between Brook Rd (RT1) & Chamberlayne Ave (RT 301). Drive on by weekdays 5pm – 10pm and later on the weekends, starting Sat Nov. 29th thru Jan. 4, 2015. Some nights when weather is cooperating and he’s not too busy with the elves, you might even catch Santa.

Chris & Tina Johnson
520 Plantation Drive, Henrico, VA
Decorated by Tina & Chris from Henrico, VA
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  • Santa's Workshop: Kindling the magic of waking the morning after Santa visits us,
  • Grandma J's Dedicated Porch:  Remembers the importance of Family during the Holidays!
  • Santa's Lane: Brings Memorable Childhood Characters to Light to display NO ONE is ever TOO Old to Believe!
  • Merry Christmas: From our House to Yours!
  • The Nativity :  reminds us why we Celebrate Christmas!
  • The Memorial Angel :  Saying a Prayer for those who have batted cancer. She remembers those who are missing from our Table, but will never be forgotten!
  • Tribute to Our Fallen Hero's:  Celebrates the reason we're able to Celebrate the season with Friends & Family

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Tina & Chris would like to apoligize to all who have driven by since the snow. Due to the snow some lights are burried and some have gone out. We hope this will not discourge you. The lights will be lit thru the weekend of New Years.
Reviewed on December 24, 2009 at 6:42PM

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