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You might be tacky if your house has so many inflatable decorations that people roll carts into your yard thinking its the home and garden section of Wal-Mart

Lights On Hopi

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Last updated on Sunday, December 09, 2012

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Lights On Hopi
Lights On Hopi (our Facebook page) is our yearly Christmas lighting show, running from just after Thanksgiving to January 7th. Our yard display has 28,000+ lights synced to music and animated props. Each year is a different theme. A Christmas Melody (2007), A Peanuts Christmas (2008), Rudolph the Red Nosed-Reindeer (2010), A
Christmas Angel (2011) Unfortunately, no theme this year (2012). This year, our Talking Santa does special piece, "A Soldiers Silent Night", our tribute to those in the service of our Country. We also ask for donated canned goods for the East Valley Food Bank. A barrel in the front yard is in place to drop in your donation to help those less fortunate. A little magic also brings snow flurries to our display. Look for it!!

Our show opens Friday, Nov 30, 5:30pm - 9:30pm, M-Th, till 10:30pm Fri, Sat, Sun. It runs until January 7th. The shows run every half hour. Music is simul-cast on 99.1 FM, so you can watch the lights, and listen from the comfort of your car. Small yard speakers are also on so you can see the lights up close and hear the music synced to the lights.

If it's raining, there will be no show that night.

3435 E. Hopi Ave, Mesa, AZ
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  • 2012 Yard Nutcracker: A shot of the yard, nutcracker, megatree, guy stuck in bushes.
  • 2012 MegaTree: Our 2012, 20', 6400 light MegaTree
  • 2012 Weber (Spiral) Tree: Our first Weber (spiral) tree.  When lit, the tree appears to spin like a top.
  • 2012 Christmas Angel: Our Yard Angel, Mandy
  • 2012 Yard Display: 28,000+ lights, animated to music, simulcast on 99.1FM.
  • 2010 Christmas Yard display: 2010 yard display, 16,000 lights, 64 Light-O-Rama channels
  • 2010 Christmas Yard display: 2010 yard display, 8' Toy Soldiers guarding our home
  • 2010 Christmas Yard display: 2010 yard display, 16,000 lights, 64 Light-O-Rama channels
  • megatree: 2010 Megatree, 48 Red, green, blue 100ct strings.  4800 lights
  • transmitter_sign: Show audio is simulcast on 99.1 FM, so you can listen to our lights in the warmth and comfort of your car!
  • Arches, Minitrees, Megatree: 2010 display, 4 Arches, 8 Minitrees, 1 Megatree
  • 2010 All Lights On: 2009 Christmas Yard display, 16,000 lights, 64 Light-O-Rama channels
  • All Lights On: 23300 lights on 208 Light-O-Rama channels

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