About TackyLightTour.com

How It All Got Started

Once upon a time, Matt Burgess was planning his annual tour of insanely decorated homes that go completely over the top with Christmas lights. Realizing this was before the advent of TackyLightTour.com and all the conveniences it provides, he spoke with friends and searched through newspapers looking for the addresses of the biggest and best homes in Richmond. Oh, he was able to get a few addresses but had to buy a map at the local convenience store to plot out his trip across town. It wasn't easy keeping up with all the turns and street name, and it took several attempts to organize the directions for the shortest trip possible. It was the exhaustive efforts required from all these steps that led to the creation of TackyLightTour.com.

Matt dreamed of an online mapping system that would turn the complexity of traditional mapping into a fun, interactive process. Several months later TackyLightTour.com was officially released to the public on November 25, 2005. Users across the world quickly found it and registered by the hundreds posting over 50,000 page views within the first month online. Now, you are here using the ever evolving guide to the absolute best decorated homes in America the World!

For a look at the life of TackyLightTour.com, please see our Timeline.

Why TackyLightTour.com?

TackyLightTour.com was originally created to provide Richmonders with an easy and interactive tool for planning their own Tacky Light Tour in Richmond, Virginia. Like the itch most Christmas decorators get after their first year, TackyLightTour.com attempts to meet and exceed expectations each year with an improved set of tools for families and friends to enjoy the hard work of their decorative neighbors.

Our hope is Christmas will bring your family and friends closer together as we go over-the-top in celebrating the birth of Jesus, and we hope TackyLightTour.com becomes a part of your annual tradition as you visit us each year with anticipation of an over-the-top website similar to the homes listed here!

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As Seen on TV

Tacky Light Tour is the Original Christmas Lights Mapping Website

Established in 2005 and serving millions for 19 consecutive years, Tacky Light Tour has been seen on TV including the original Fox News, NPR, Bloomberg, USA Today, Real Simple and the Crazy Christmas Lights reality TV show on TLC (The Learning Channel).