Mattos Orchard Lights

Mattos Orchard Lights span over 1/3 acre of apricot trees. Its display includes over 76,000 LED lights including a 20 foot RGB mega tree with 5 synced songs, thirty blow molds, and 15 inflatables. The decorations make up 6 lands, a nativity scene, and a snowman land. Santa and his reindeer fly from the roof under a shooting star. The Carnival boasts a giant teddy bear and fun games. The Candy Shoppe is overflowing with candy canes, mints, lollipops, and more all being made in the Shoppe. The reindeer rest in Santa's Stable getting ready for their big day. The mega tree towers over all the trees in Santa's Tree Farm. Watch out though! The Grinch is taking down Whoville and is headed for Santa's Workshop! Don't worry, the toy soldiers are protecting all the toys for the little ones! Minnie and Mickey are hard at work wrapping the gifts Santa's elves are making for Christmas morning. Come take a stroll and enjoy the magic. There's plenty of parking! Don't forget to share your photos #MattosOrchardlights


Added on Dec 20, 2008 by J.R. Mattos

Mattos Orchard Lights has 70,000 Christmas lights with 9 years of experience from November 22 to January 8 between 5:00pm and 9:00pm.

When to See It

On at 5:00pm
Off at 9:00pm
Starting on November 22
Ending on January 8


Started in 2008
70000 lights
15 inflatables
8 controllers
0 songs


1545 Stone Creek Dr, San Jose, CA 95132


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