Bainbridge Falls

Bainbridge Cir,Murrieta,CA 92563 US
When to See It
6:00pm - 10:00pm
November 23 - December 25

What to See
500000 lights
10 inflatables
96 controllers
22 songs

Turn your radio to 88.5 FM
Decorating since 2009
Added on Dec 29, 2010 by Ted Weist


This is our 10th anniversary. This year we have 28 houses synchronized to the music. Come and enjoy. May God Bless you during this Holiday Season.

During this Holiday season, the street of Bainbridge Cir, Murrieta Ca thought we would do something to put a smile on peoples faces. The entire neighborhood had so much fun doing this last year, we made it better this year. We have now synchronized over 30 houses in the block to music, and have added more songs. When you get here, tune your radio to 88.5FM to hear the lights. This is a must see as the video does not do it justice. This was a team effort with the entire neighborhood getting involved. It has really brought the entire neighborhood together, and now is bringing the entire community together. You have to see it to believe it. Check out the YouTube Video 500,000 plus lights 1000 extension cords 96 Wireless controllers Programming time: don't ask. Side Note: All most all of the neighborhood has switched over to LED lights this year, so for those concerned we are wasting massive amounts of electricity, we are actually using less than 1/10th of the power we would have used. Have a Merry Christmas.


Bainbridge Cir,Murrieta,CA 92563 US

Special Directions

You can drive thru the display using the closest cross streets of Winchester and Willows, but it is a lot better to get close to Bainbridge, park, and walk the block for the best view.


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There's so much thought put into it. Love it.

We are now up to 20 houses Come and see what you think, Its something you have to see to believe.

Bainbridge Falls
  • Dates
    November 23-
    December 25
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Bainbridge Falls is decorated by
Ted Weist
Murrieta, CA
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    December 2010
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