Christmas in Vermont

34 Firethorn Place, The Woodlands TX 77382
When to See It
5:00pm - 9:00pm
November 25 - January 1

What to See
12000 lights
0 inflatables
0 controllers
0 songs

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Decorating since 2016
Added on Dec 15, 2017 by Richard Carilo

Christmas display not a show. Everything is hand made by me with a Vermont theme.


34 Firethorn Place, The Woodlands TX 77382
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It is just so beautiful !!!

It is all hand made and looks great

The quality of the decorations at this home is to the level you might see at Disney world!

All the time and effort put into it was outstanding

everything flows together, the theme is right on target.

everything is so cohesive, perfection!

of all the buildings and lights.

it is so festive.

of all the hard work and thought that went into it.

This home is a prime example of what true craftsmanship is......

The attention to detail is amazing!

I love the spinning package!

Understated elegance at it's finest.

It's so realistic and festive!

I love the moving displays!

everthing was made by hand and beautifully placed.

Everything but the lights have been hand made by the homeowner and are amazing!!

Craftsmanship at its finest. It’s all in the details. You can see all the hard work and time that has went into this display. Amazing job !

of the duality the decorations have during the evening and during the daytime (especially when snow covered). (I also like how you have to write a review and give a reason a house is amazing if you want to give it one star)

Handmade decorations at its finest!!! Creative, unique and so much detail!

it brings out the wonderment of childhood in everyone.

All handmade...beautiful!

Looks amazing! A lot of effort and fun was put into it. :)

Phenomenal job you can tell allot of thought and heart was put into it

This is craftsman ship at it's finest . I was completely blown away by the attention to detail and knowing everything was built by hand, as well as hand painted . A remarkable display . Great job Rick

Everything flows so well together! The time and effort that went in to this is amazing! There isn’t another one like this !

Unbelievable. This reminds me of something I would see in Disneyland


it's craftsmanship at its finest. You can tell this is a labor of love!!!

What a beautiful display of the Christmas spirit. This person is super talented and super patient. Keep up the spirit !!!

I think the display is fantastic.

All decorations were hand made. Great theme and space of lights.

it's lit, fam.

Christmas in Vermont
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    November 25-
    January 1
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Christmas in Vermont is decorated by
Richard Carilo
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    July 2017
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