Skinners Holiday Lights

This year we light up the night with over 50,000 lights that dance to the music and are transmitting the music on 107.3FM. We are using Light O Rama controllers with 96 channels which requires over 2000 foot of extension cords. The display uses many types of lights from LED's to the old fashioned C-7 and C-9 bulbs and is completely "doubled up", what this means is there are both colored and white lights bundled together so the display changes from all white to all colored and many combinations of the two. Please come out, enjoy the lights but be courtious and dim your lights, do not block driveways and please do not roll down your windows and play the music very loud.


Added on Dec 15, 2007

Skinners Holiday Lights has 50,000 Christmas lights with 20 years of experience from December 1 to December 31 between 5:00pm and 11:00pm.

When to See It

On at 5:00pm
Off at 11:00pm
Starting on December 1
Ending on December 31


Started in 1998
50000 lights
0 inflatables
0 controllers
0 songs


Hampton,VA 23663 US


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No address listed, but according to the "Location" it was on Kensington Drive. Drove from Denbigh with a van of Sr Adults & couldn't find it. Either list an address or remove this listing so no one else waste their time like I did!!