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Lake Linda's Christmas Lights

Several acres of home made wire frames, vintage ornaments, all dancing to the sounds of the season surrounding a lake; complete with a Santa house, his sleigh,cookies, candy canes, and of course the man himself, all while collecting Toys 4 Tots!


Added on Feb 16, 2017 by Michael Register

Supporting Toys4Tots

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Lake Linda's Christmas Lights has 100,000 Christmas lights with 4 years of experience from November 23 to January 1 between 5:30pm and 10:30pm.


Santa will make many appearances, we have been on the local news every year since we started, working on some surprises for the upcoming year, stay tuned!!!

When to See It

On at 5:30pm
Off at 10:30pm
Starting on November 23
Ending on January 1


Started in 2013
100000 lights
12 inflatables
40 controllers
30 songs


218 Old House Rd, Hampstead, NC 28443


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The family that put's this together don't do it for their own enjoyment they do it for the community. I've never seen so many smiles and seen the love for Christmas like I have since they've been doing the lights/activities. A very Christ like family just doing a little of God's work.

If you've lost your Christmas spirit, this is the place to find it! My happy place!

They keep CHRIST in CHRISTmas! They do this for the enjoyment of others!

This family puts so much love into the display.

They work hard for every hard earned dime they have put into the display. It’s all free from driving through, to getting your picture taken with Santa.

Breathtaking, truly has the Christmas spirit!

Amazing people, doing it for their community and the children!

I love this display! It’s so pretty when you drive in and see the lights reflected in the lake. Love it!

great for kids

It grows every year and comes from the heart. The Registers make sure that there is joy and giving complete with a Santa & Toys for Tots charity donation box. I can't think of anyone more deserving of an award for their giving to the community.

They keep the reason for the season behind what they do. It's free for everyone and it helps bring the community together. My family and I love it. We go more times than we can count each year! Keep up the awesome job y'all!

The kids love it!! Greatest thing around for Christmas. The Registers’ put in year around time and effort into this display and it shows. It’s wonderful to see such great Holiday spirit in these troublesome times!!

It’s so well-executed and so unexpected. We’ve driven through several times and have been glad to make donations.

Is not something you look at, it's something you feel!

The work that goes into it is unimaginable, but the love you feel when you're there, that's indescribable! Amazing

It's always changing and growing. I love that they do it for the love of the season. They are always giving to all. FANTASTIC display and amenities - Toys for Tots and SANTA!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It's the best Christmas light / music display I have ever seen..

They love the community they live in! They bring smiles and laughter to everyone that come by! Thank you, Register family for all you do!! God Bless you and have a very merry Christmas!

Easily accessible, wasn't crowded and you feel welcomed

The family that presents these lights adds such a personal touch and truly appreciates each and every person who rides through their light show! The lights are great and there is such a variety of different lights! Seeing Santa and the lights all in one visit makes it extra special!

The work put into this display shows! There are numerous hand made frames with lights added! All of the arches that you drive under were handmade and stood up using a rollback and backhoe.. the spiral tree has so many single strands of lights that it is just amazing! Take a few minutes to look at each frame and you will see the LOVE that is put into it!! Great place for the entire family to visit!!

The heart these kind folks put in to making Christmas so special for those who come to see the display and the time and money they've invested even if only to bring just one smile is the greatest display of love and humanity for all!

FAITH, Family, Friends and Community is what it's all about.

Very very creative! Everyone enjoyed so much we had to go around 3 times!!!!!

Of the love put into creating this display.