Woodstone Lights

Woodstone Lights is a highly advanced, technology driven residential Christmas display. With over 100,000 lights, it is easily one of the top 10 residential displays in the area, but we combine it's sheer size with computer programming that allows us to do more than just simply turn on the lights. Come by to see our massive 25-foot Christmas tree complete with presents, garland, ornaments, and to top it all off, quite literally, the brightest start we could find. Stare in awe at the more than 16 million possible colors produced by our driveway canopy. Lastly, we did not forget about the reason for the season, as we have a full life-sized Nativity celebrating the birth of Jesus. Featuring over 600 individually controllable AC circuits to power our massive amounts of lights, the display is capable of pulling more than 165 amps, or over 20 kilowatts of power. Grab the family, stop by and tune into Frosty 104.7 FM to celebrate the season with us. We also recommend checking our Facebook page - www.facebook.com/woodstonelights - before traveling in the event the display is disabled due to weather or technical issues.


Added on Nov 26, 2012

Woodstone Lights has 100,000 Christmas lights with 6 years of experience from December 4 to January 6 between 5:00pm and 10:00pm.

When to See It

On at 5:00pm
Off at 10:00pm
Starting on December 4
Ending on January 6


Started in 2011
100000 lights
0 inflatables
1 controllers
0 songs


8921 Woodstone Drive,Raleigh,NC 27615 US


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