The Pinkstone Lights

Check out my house. Its located @ 1664 Pinkstone court, San Jose, Ca. Off Capitol Expy. and Ocala. It features Lights lights and more lights over 100000 . A new Synchronized Light and Music show. It also broadcast on FM . So you can just sit in your car and watch. As well as very good outside sound system.. Christmas trees Lighted deer , Candy Canes and more lights. Quite a variety of things to see for the young and old.. Enjoy


Added on Dec 08, 2009

Turn your radio to 100.1

The Pinkstone Lights has 70,000 Christmas lights with 38 years of experience from November 30 to January 2 between 5:00pm and 10:00pm.


Come and visit Santa he will be here every day the week before Christmas from 7 p.m. till 9 p.m. weather permitting you can use your phone or a camera to take a picture. Absolutely positively free.

When to See It

On at 5:00pm
Off at 10:00pm
Starting on November 30
Ending on January 2


Started in 1980
70000 lights
7 inflatables
9 controllers
20 songs


1664 Pinkstone Court,San Jose,CA 95122 US

Special Directions

Please park with lights off. Please dont block driveways... please park don't block the street.


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Great job by a great creater

Unbelievable how they set up the lights in perfect order