Sharing fun with a new location.

Led dumb rgb strips, 12-13 pixel 3 tier mini trees, 10 snow flakes, 5 deer, 1 spiral tree, 1 pixel spiral tree, 4 pixel arches, ice sickles. 1-1000 pixel mega tree, 1 1000 pixel curtain and more. Total ch. 9000+ Lor/pixel


Added on Nov 26, 2013

Turn your radio to 89.9FM

Sharing fun with a new location. has 75,000 Christmas lights with 4 years of experience from November 30 to January 2 between 6:00pm and 11:00pm.


Moved show to a new location in Cottondale Alabama.

When to See It

On at 6:00pm
Off at 11:00pm
Starting on November 30
Ending on January 2


Started in 2013
75000 lights
0 inflatables
3 controllers
10 songs


2306 Red top Ave Cottondale al 35453


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