3710 42nd Ave.

Winner of 2011 Randy. My parents and I have been doing this since 1980. We continue to do it for the kids that look foward to it each year. We now have 3rd generation family members coming to see the lights, many have told us they remember when their grandparents brought them to see the lights. We try to think of new things to add or how to improve the display. Our lights dance in tune to Christmas music.


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3710 42nd Ave. has 35,000 Christmas lights with 38 years of experience from December 3 to January 11 between 4:00pm and 10:00pm.

When to See It

On at 4:00pm
Off at 10:00pm
Starting on December 3
Ending on January 11


Started in 1980
35000 lights
10 inflatables
17 controllers
0 songs


3710 42nd Ave.,Cottage City,MD 20722 US


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One star cause its the same person just giving 5 stars for the win.

To manynick nacks and blow ups. You should get the tacky award.

To much in one space should go for a different award. Very cool though.

A teen in mom and dads basement making anonymous accounts to get the most votes. Great work!

Kids loved it.

love this house

A site too see, a must see.

I know the home owners son since we were little. We grew up together, the house has been like this ever since I can remember. They truly add something new each year.

love this house. green, red and white.. Christmas colors

very classy

That house is so crazy with lights


My husband and I make it a point to come by here every year. Its says they haven't updated site but their lights are different than last yr.

Ive brought my grandkids for the last 10 yrs and every yr they never fail. Always add something new or are changing something. Its great.

YOU can see his house from the bridge like 5 blocks away!!! They are so nice, they let my son get in the sleigh and we took pictures!!!!

First time here. This is amazing, you can tell they put a lot of time and effort. Everything is very meticulous.

The house is so well put together. The scene on front porch with fire place and santa is great. Love it

I bring my kids every year. The owners are very gracious.


This is awesome. Lights dancing. The lights are on the sides of house about two ft apart and on the roof too. The whole house is covered in lights. That's not counting the hand built sleigh and all the inflatables!


My dad use to bring my brother and I here to see the lights. Now I bring my daughter. Its wonderful

They do it up every yr. I cant believe it, every year they have something new and its been like that for years.

I think this is a Great display for such a small area!!! Has a little of everything!!

Lots to take in, from the sleigh to scene on porch with santa and a fireplace with stockings to the light show of a house entirely cover in lights (all sides not just outline the who side on both side and lights house a roof and not just outline the whole roof) amazing!!