3710 42nd ave

3710 42nd Ave.,Cottage City,MD 20722 US
When to See It
5:00pm - 11:00pm
November 1 - January 7

What to See
50000 lights
17 inflatables
7 controllers
10 songs

Decorating since 1980
Added on Dec 18, 2010 by Tom and Beth Lawrence's updated 2014

News about 3710 42nd ave

New inflatables and animatronics

Description of 3710 42nd ave
Winner of 2011 Randy. My parents and I have been doing this since 1980. We continue to do it for the kids that look foward to it each year. We now have 3rd generation family members coming to see the lights, many have told us they remember when their grandparents brought them to see the lights. We try to think of new things to add or how to improve the display. Our lights dance in tune to Christmas music.
More info 3710 42nd ave
Between November 1 and January 7 from 5:00pm to 11:00pm see 50000 Christmas lights on the Tacky Light Tour at 3710 42nd ave in Cottage City. 3710 42nd ave has been part of the Tacky Light Tour since 1980.

Official information about 3710 42nd ave in Cottage City. Get show times and driving directions for the 3710 42nd ave Christmas light display. View pictures and Christmas light videos from Cottage City of 3710 42nd ave .


3710 42nd Ave.,Cottage City,MD 20722 US


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3710 42nd ave
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    November 1-
    January 7
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3710 42nd ave is decorated by
Tom and Beth Lawrence's updated 2014
Cottage City, MD
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