Ridgewood Lights

2016 - 32 channels with 5,000 lights 2017 - 64 channels with 9,500 lights 2018 - Complete redesign! Stay tuned


Added on Aug 26, 2017 by Scott Bultemeier

Supporting Wayside Waifs

Turn your radio to 87.9FM

Ridgewood Lights has 10,000 Christmas lights with 2 years of experience from November 22 to January 1 between 6:00pm and 9:00pm.


We have moved to a new home so the display is completely redesigned! Come see the new display and grab a candy cane!

When to See It

On at 6:00pm
Off at 9:00pm
Starting on November 22
Ending on January 1


Started in 2016
10000 lights
0 inflatables
4 controllers
4 songs


1817 SE Ridgewood Dr, Blue Springs, MO 64014

Special Directions

Please do not block or use any of the neighbors driveways. Do however take photos, make a donation and grab a free candy cane!


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My family lives few min away saw 15 times never got old. Great display, donated donations to soneone besides themselves, free candy canes for kids which cost and got stolen a lot. I watched familes take beyond car load several times. Yet lights still on all season. Loved by all ages. My fam from out of town loved my suprise. Great display. Check it out.

this house was so pretty. i could go by every night to see there lights. i givew it 5 stars good luck. you should win.

The songs they used are cool and the lights are coordinated really well

They add to their display every year! Its never the same.

This is a family tradition every year.

Nothing shows the holiday spirit like these lights!

Great place to enjoy a candy cane while watching the lights go to the music.

Very good use of space and overall design.

A very clean, cute & well put together display!

This display is a great way to make you feel like its really the holiday season!

I have never seen anything like this before. Definitely a great addition to the holiday.

The show last 10 minutes and never has a dull moment!

They create everything by hand and offer a great tradition every year for everyone in the neighborhood.

It brings holiday cheer! Beautiful set up created by a beautiful family!

the kids love this display and it is by far the best one in town.

they give out free candy canes and take donations for the local animal shelter.

it brings the Christmas spirit alive!