Ginter Family Light Display

I started doing Christmas lights in 2009 with around 500 lights. It's grown every year since. In 2013 I'm hoping to hit the 10,000 mark (I'm at 9,000)! I have 5 blow ups a snowman, a polar bear, a Mickey & Minnie Carousel, and a Snoopy airplane. I'm hoping to add a couple new blow ups in the 2013 season. I do not have the system to synchronize lights like the professionals but I do have a small system that does a good job. I run the lights to music Thursday-Saturday 7PM-9PM. During those times the blow ups will not be running. All of the trees and bushes will be covered in lights!


Added on Oct 30, 2013

Supporting Zoe Blanket Project

Ginter Family Light Display has 10,000 Christmas lights with 9 years of experience from December 1 to January 5 between 6:00pm and 9:00pm.

When to See It

On at 6:00pm
Off at 9:00pm
Starting on December 1
Ending on January 5


Started in 2009
10000 lights
5 inflatables
0 controllers
0 songs


113 Garrett rd.,Newark,DE 19713 US


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