2300 North 57th Avenue, Hollywood,FL 33021-3213 US
When to See It
6:00pm - 11:00pm
December 3 - January 7

What to See
500000 lights
40 inflatables
61 controllers
17 songs

Supporting St. Vincent de Paul
Turn your radio to 97.7
Decorating since 2001
Added on Nov 10, 2010 by Peter Dyga

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monetary or non-perhisable food items accepted.

Description of SoFloChristmas
Any time is a good time to see our Christmas decorations. We've designed our display to be attractive during the DAY as well as at night. In fact, some of our decorations, especially the large ornaments hung from the trees in the yard are only fully appreciated during the day. In addition, we activate our 40+ inflatables (new ones every year) in the morning for the drive to work (7:00-9:00), at lunch (11:30-1:30) and late afternoon before sunset (4-6). But of course the granddaddy of the display is our synchronized musical light show which starts on the hour and half hour (starting at 6:00 PM and ending at 11, midnight on Friday and Saturday) and runs between 10-20 minutes. The music is played on outdoor speakers (if you wish to park your car and walk around the display - but please don't block any driveways of area residents) or you may tune your radio to 97.7 FM to hear the music from the comfort of your car. The outdoor speakers turn off at 10 PM but the light show continues until 11 (midnight on Friday and Saturday). The show begins on the first Sunday of Advent (usually at sundown on Saturday after Thanksgiving) and ends on the Epiphany or All Kings Day (twelve days after Christmas Day). So what does our show entail? Well each year we add a little something new and the display continues to grow. For Advent/Christmas this year we will have in excess of over 500,000 lights, synchronized to Christmas songs. We have snow machines, 40+ inflatables, a Christmas Wonderland Scavenger Hunt, a mega tree, numerous "blow molds" (those plastic figurines), a nativity scene, a "tree forest" and much more. You simply have to see (and hear) it.
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Between December 3 and January 7 from 6:00pm to 11:00pm see 500000 Christmas lights on the Tacky Light Tour at SoFloChristmas in Hollywood. SoFloChristmas has been part of the Tacky Light Tour since 2001.

Official information about SoFloChristmas in Hollywood. Get show times and driving directions for the SoFloChristmas Christmas light display. View pictures and Christmas light videos from Hollywood of SoFloChristmas.


2300 North 57th Avenue, Hollywood,FL 33021-3213 US

Special Directions

Please park on Thomas Street, off the side of the road in the swale. And please do NOT stop/park in the road or block any neighbors driveways.
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    December 3-
    January 7
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Peter Dyga
Hollywood, FL
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